Why Universities Value Reading and Writing.

For students applying to universities this year, whether it’s engineering, general sciences or any other course, they all require the same thing, a grade 12 university level english.

At first I wasn’t really sure why it was necessary to have a strong english skill set for some of the courses. However having now put more thought into it, I realized why universities value grade 12 university level english to the extent to make it a requirement for majority of their courses.

english01In university there is a shift to learning approach, different to the approach used in high schools. When I go to class all I need to do is pay attention and write down the notes and read any assigned textbook pages. Unlike high school, university students are required to write their own notes. Taking notes out of a textbook or listening to a lecture both require students to summarize the concepts in an efficient way. University students are not able to write down what their professor says word for word or write exactly what is written in the textbook. This forces students to write concepts and key ideas in their own words, strong writing skills, that of a grade 12 university english course, are crucial to be successful.

On top of putting together their own notes, university students have essays and research papers to complete throughout the year. The writing skills gained over years of high school english lay a strong foundation for students to build on through their years at university.


Students starting university with out the required english skills might find it difficult to keep up, resulting in possibly lower marks. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I strongly believe this is true to students that lack english skills in university, it holds students back from being able to take their work to the next level.




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